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Internationale online lancering Neuroarchitectuur

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How can we design streetscapes on a human scale in high-density environments? 

In Western cities, an increasing number of inhabitants needs to be accommodated. This often means the introduction of taller high-rise buildings. Although these new urban projects are designed with the intention to create a sense of human scale for the inhabitants, it remains unclear how the users of these streetscapes actually experience them.

Join Building4Wellbeing for a seminar featuring acclaimed authors (amongst which Frank Suurenbroek and Gideon Spanjar from the recently published Neuroarchitecture) who will be presenting their latest works in the hybrid field of neuroarchitecture and sharing insights into their scientific journeys. 

This seminar promises to be an enriching experience for (landscape) architects, urban planners, researchers, and anyone passionate about making a better built environment to promote well-being. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with the researchers as they share their stories, insights, and the inspirations behind their work. 

Whether you’re an academic, a professional seeking inspiration, or simply curious about these remarkable books, this seminar is your chance to delve into the minds of these visionaries.