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Lockdown readings

nai010 publishers helps you through the lockdown with 6 tips on books that take you on a hike. 


Flevoland has a unique collection of Land Art, including De Groene Kathedraal by Marinus Boezem, Observatorium by Robert Morris and Riff, PD#18245 by Bob Gramsma. These Land Art works once stood in the empty polder, but are now part of a dynamic landscape transformation. The collection book LAND ART LIVE presents Flevoland’s ten iconic works of Land Art and studies them through interventions by a new generation of artists. At the same time this book highlights the challenges and solutions connected to keeping Land Art alive. A great book to use as a guide when visiting this extraordinary open-air museum. 


Architecture Guide Books

Rotterdam ranks among the top international architectural destinations. This compact and up-to-date architecture guide to Rotterdam presents the highlights of the Netherlands’ number one city of architecture: the latest high-profile buildings, illustrious icons, plus the city’s hidden jewels. In addition to the 100 best buildings, this guide also directs visitors to the city’s most interesting locales. 

Eindhoven the city of light and design, has experienced a stormy development and is now the centre of a ‘brainport’ focused on innovation, design and tech that ranks among the finest in the world. This guide describes Eindhoven’s 100 best buildings as well as its must-see sights. 

The Guide to De Stijl in the Netherlands is the first to assemble the 100 most important buildings, monuments and places of interest related to De Stijl in a practical and accessible guide. Many surprising facts, details and practical information make this guide the best De Stijl Bible possible for people that want to discover the Netherlands in primary colours.


Dudok by Iwan Baan

Discover The Netherlands of Dudok trhough the lens of celebrated photographer Iwan Baan. The impressive aerial and street photography in this book tell the story of Dudok as a designer of landscapes in which people can live, work, mourn and learn. Baan offers an alternative view of this world-famous architect and urban designer and put the architecture of Dudok in new perspective.