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TU Delft OPEN Publishing

nai010 publishers, specialized in high-quality publications in the field of architecture, urban planning, art and design, has recently partnered with TU Delft OPEN Publishing to co-publish several books and make them available as Open Access.

This new collaboration comprises freely accessible books produced by TU Delft academics working in the field of Architecture and the Built Environment. Open Access publishing is an important strategic goal of TU Delft and one of a number of resources and services provided by TU Delft Library to the TU Delft academic community. The book Urban Oases, by Dr. ir. Willemijn Wilms Floet and The Urbanisation of the Sea by Nancy Couling and Carola Hein, are firsts in a series of open access books jointly published by TU Delft OPEN Publishing and nai010 publishers. In 2021 The Urbanisation of the Sea was already sponsored by TU Delft OA Fund. TU Delft OPEN Publishing hopes that this successful experience will lead the way for more publishers in the fields of architecture and design and other disciplines to collaborate in opening up more work of academics. TU Delft has been leading the way in open science, with the Strategic Programme Open Science 2020-24. The pilot will be evaluated late in 2022. 

The largest part of nai010 publishers' production is bilingual or published in English in order to reach a global audience. nai010 publishers boasts an extensive worldwide network of representatives for national as well as international distribution. nai010's books are available in specialized book- and museum shops from the US to New Zealand, and from Canada to Korea. And now a selection of our books - in addition to print and digital - will also be made available as Open Access edtions.

TU Delft and nai010 publishers are committed to innovating and piloting new ways to share research more broadly and widen its impact. More info


Urban Oases - Dutch Hofjes as Hidden Architectural Gems

Urban Oases is an ode to the architecture of Dutch hofjes. It explains why hofjes have been a natural and attractive part of the urban fabric of the Netherlands for six centuries and why they continue to appeal to new generations.
ISBN 978-94-6208-660-9 | Dr. ir. Willemijn Wilms Floet | design: Maud van Rossum | photography: Katja Effting | English |  208 pages | illustrated (220 full color)

The Urbanisation of the Sea

Through different projects from academia, art, literature and practice, from analysis to design, The Urbanisation of the Sea explores synergies for designing the new spatial realm of the North Sea.
ISBN 978-94-6208-593-0 | Nancy Couling, Carola Hein o.a. | design: Bureau Mondial | English | 316 pages | illustrated (107 color and b/w) | nai010 publishers in conjunction with: Chair of the History of Architecture and Urban Planning TU Delft | with support from: Creative Industries Fund NL, the Swiss National Science Foundation