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Indispensable survey

The publication Vrouwen in de vormgeving in Nederland 1880-1940 is an indispensable standard work on the role of women in the development of Dutch design. The book was written by Marjan Groot (1959-2019), art historian specializing in Dutch applied arts, and first appeared in 2007. The publication has since been out of print for several years - a shame as this widely acclaimed work is now more relevant than ever. Despite its digital availability through Google Books, the demand for a reprint continues to resound. Please support this project and help make the contribution of women to applied arts and industrial design visible again.

The research

The publication Vrouwen in de vormgeving in Nederland 1880-1940 is a clearly written standard work, based on thorough research, that is still relevant today. The contribution of women to applied art and industrial design in the Netherlands between 1880 and 1940 has been greatly underexposed, despite the fact that this is a period in which women's emancipation made progress in many areas. The book examines in detail the participation of women in exhibitions, ateliers, stores and galleries that women started and ran, the networks they used for their work and the fields in which they worked. First in "typically female" textile crafts, but from 1895 also as graphic designers, bookbinders, goldsmiths, and later as furniture designers, interior designers and industrial designers.

With her survey work, Marjan Groot was a pioneer who mapped the oeuvre, but also the networks of women designers; as well as the awareness of ideological gender aspects and stereotyping within history and art history. This makes her research transcend a mere listing of key women designers and still resonate today.

Marjan Groot, author

Marjan Groot (1959 - 2019) was a Dutch art historian. She studied art history at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University and specialized in the history of applied arts. At Leiden University she lectured and organized working groups on the history of Western European applied arts from 1990. Her research covered all forms of applied art. The emphasis was on Dutch applied arts from the period 1880-1940. In her standard work and dissertation Vrouwen in toegepaste kunst en industriële vormgeving in Nederland 1880-1940, she examined the contribution of women in the entire field of applied art in the indicated period. For the republication of Vrouwen in de vormgeving in Nederland 1880-1940, nai010 publishers has the approval of Marjan Groot's heirs.

Maud van Rossum, vormgever

Maud van Rossum is a graphic designer and owner of Studio Maud van Rossum in Amsterdam. Van Rossum specializes in book design and has a content-oriented approach. The design is understated, precise and subservient with typography being the guiding thread. Creativity goes hand in hand with practicality. In 2007, Maud van Rossum worked as an associate at Piet Gerards Ontwerpers on the first edition of Vrouwen in de vormgeving in Nederland 1880-1940. In 2018, Van Rossum took over Piet Gerards' studio and continued the studio under her own name.