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Dream Homes in Density

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How to transform ego to ‘wego’

> How can we make every dwelling into a desirable home?
> explores the potentials of desire-based design processes

With (w)EGO: Dream Homes in Density, The Why Factory investigates participatory processes applied to housing design. These processes establish a negotiation among the desires of each of the residents of a housing slab and help determine the design of their apartments. To achieve this, Wegocity manifests a particular interest in the development of a gaming process. This game leverages the specificities of each resident and transforms them into spatial needs. This way, unexpected housing typologies emerge within a truly human-driven residential building.

(w)EGO: Tailor-Made Housing is part of the Why Factory’s Future Cities Series after The Why Factor(y), Visionary Cities, Green Dream, Vertical Village, Hong Kong Fantasies, City Shock, We Want World Wonders, Barba, Absolute Leisure and Copy Paste.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-530-5 | 1. edition | June 2022 | available | Winy Maas, Adrien Ravon, Javier Arpa, Felix Madrazo | design: BENG grafisch ontwerp | English | paperback | 14,8 x 21 cm | 356 pages | illustrated (200 full color) | in conjunction with: The Why Factory  together with students from TU Delft, IIT Chicago, RMIT Melbourne and Bezalel Academy Jerusalem.

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