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  • Reflections: Renewing Paleis Het Loo
  • Reflections: Renewing Paleis Het Loo
  • Reflections: Renewing Paleis Het Loo
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Reflections: Renewing Paleis Het Loo

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> Unique insight into the design and construction of an underground extension
> Paleis Het Loo is now one of the largest museums in the Netherlands
> Reflecting the past, present and future

Reflections tells the story of the renovation of the largest seventeenth-century palace of the House of Orange and the new underground extension. Spectacular photography and captivating texts showcase KAAN Architecten’ ingenious design for the project, the history of the palace, the convergence of old and new and the palace's current role as an museum.

The underground extension is inextricably linked to the historical building even while leaving the facade and the interior of the palace untouched, literally and metaphorically elevating Paleis Het Loo. The roof of the new building doubles as a glass pond, allowing daylight to enter the new Grand Foyer below. This allows visitors to view the palace from below as well as catch a glimpse of the new underground museum from above. Symmetry and reflections are the connecting principle. Reflections is the fascinating account of a successful transformation in which past, present and future reinforce each other.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-807-8 | September 2023 | available | auteurs / authors: Floris Alkemade, Peter Bakkum, Pien Harms, Anton Kos, Michel van Maarseveen, Koen Ottenheym, Wim Pijbes, Dikkie Scipio | design: Koehorst in 't Veld | photography: Sebastian van Damme, Marnix Klooster, Simon Menges,Dominique Panhuysen, Bouke Wolbrink | English | hardcover | 22 x 28 cm | 176 pages | illustrated (130 full color) | in conjunction with: Paleis Het Loo, KAAN Architecten


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