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Oase 100

Karel Martens and the Architecture of the Journal

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First publication dedicated completely to OASE’s graphic design

> Historical perspectives on the crucial role of graphic design in the architectural field

> Indepth interview with Karel Martens

> The influential Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens [has] spent nearly 60 years developing a practice that reflects his persistent inquisitiveness – New York Times

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The 100th issue of OASE takes the journal’s long-standing collaboration with its graphic designer Karel Martens as a starting point to explore the relationship between architecture journals and graphic design. In doing so, it challenges the conventional idea that architecture journals are mere carriers of information, showing instead how these journals play a defining role in the message they convey.

Adhering to Marshall McLuhan’s famous maxim ‘the medium is the message’, it considers the graphic space of the journal, its materiality, its production, and the physical experience of reading

Within this context, the 100th issue of OASE zooms in on the relationship between architecture journals and graphic design, starting with a historical overview before considering the specific history of OASE and the practice of its own graphic designer. The aim is to provide an insight into the close and mutually enriching relationship between the graphic design of an architecture journal and the production of architectural knowledge.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-431-5 | May 2018 | available | Ayham Ghraowi, Mathew Kneebone, Joris Kritis, Louis Luthi, Carlo Menon, Laura Pappa, Veronique Patteeuw, Marius Schwarz, Anton Stuckardt, Linda Van Deursen. Bart Decroos, Veronique Patteeuw, Marius Schwarz | design: Karel Martens, Aagje Martens, Marius Schwarz | Dutch, English | tijdschrift | 17 x 24 cm | 272 pages | illustrated (150 color and b/w)

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