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Metro 010 (English)

Unlikely But True. A Graphic Novel About a Metropolis called Rotterdam

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> Unique graphic novel about the history and future of Rotterdam
> For everyone who loves stories and Rotterdam
> An invitation to discover and make a city

Whoever you are and wherever you are from, if you love Rotterdam and stories, this is the book for you. METRO 010 is a graphic novel about important events in the past that made the city what it is today; it tells the history of the city in 12 comic strips.

The story begins far in the past, when Rotterdam was just a fishing village, and ends in 2050, with visions of what the future might bring. Rotterdam was not created in a single moment, by a single person, but over the centuries, by many. And now by you.

METRO 010 is an invitation to discover and explore the city.

Again and again, day after day.

In collaboration with 19 illustrators, 4 city poets, 2 photographers and 4 historians: Boy Akkerman, Marvin Bruin, Dodici, Loes van Duijvendijk, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Stang Gubbels, Vienne Lisa Haagoort, Edwin Hagendoorn, Mariana Hirschfeld, Han van der Horst. Benzokarim, Saskia de Klerk, Hanco Kolk, Vera de Koning, Esther Malaparte, Moze Naél, Nadia Pepels, Michelle Provoost, Egon de Regt, Sterre Richard, Sai Rodrigues, Simone Rots, Marcel Ruijters, Martijn van Santen, Rachel Sender, Gwen Stok, Elizar Veerman

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ISBN 978-94-6208-804-7 | December 2023 | available | initiator, concept & art director: Ellen Schindler | auteurs / authors: Abdelkader Benali, Michelle Provoost, Han van der Horst | design: Roosje Klap | English | hardcover | 17 x 24 cm | 272 pages | illustrated (200 full color) | in conjunction with: Stichting Ken Je Stad, Maak Je Stad, de Zwarte Hond


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