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Hulde aan onze kranige architecte!

De opkomst van de eerste vrouwelijke architecten van Nederland

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> Dive into the fascinating stories about the Netherlands' first female architects with author Erica Smeets-Klokgieters during the book launch (Oct. 18, Nieuwe Instituut)
> The first comprehensive overview of the Netherlands’ first female architect
> With noteworthy monographs on Grada Wolffensperger, Riné Boerée and Wil Jansen
> Indispensable reference work about a hitherto unexplored part of Dutch architecture history

Margaret Staal-Kropholler (1891–1966) is regarded as the first woman architect in the Netherlands. She completed her first work as an unqualified architect in 1917. Less well known is that Grada Wolffensperger (1887–1965) became the first woman to complete the univer-sity course in architecture at the Technische Hogeschool in Delft that same year. A further twenty women had completed their architectural training by 1945.

Why and how did these women become architects at a time when women were expected to raise a family and take care of a house-hold? What was their education like? And was it actually possible for them to practise a profession so dominated by men?.

Compliments to our brave architect! describes the emergence of women architects. Including 21 biographies, the book forms an indispensable reference work on a neglected aspect of Dutch architectural history.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-814-6 | October 2023 | available | Erica M. Smeets-Klokgieters | design: Beukers Scholma | Dutch | hardcover | 21 x 26 cm | 384 pages | illustrated (200 full color)


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