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  • Building Urban Nature e-book
  • Building Urban Nature e-book
  • Building Urban Nature e-book
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Building Urban Nature e-book

Towards a Nature-Inclusive Architecture

€ 19,95

> Richly illustrated with many practical examples
> Pioneering with flora and fauna in architecture
> From green facades, green roofs and quay walls to designing habitats for insects, birds and bats

The city is not only the habitat of people, but also of plants and animals. Building Urban Nature is a call for nature-inclusive, bio-receptive architecture that inspires designers to incorporate nature in their work and encourages initiatives towards a green, biodiverse and healthy city.

With examples of realized projects, it shows how nature values can be incorporated into our buildings. The publication discusses the conditions for settlement of fl ora and fauna on and on top of our buildings, as well as the design methods, strategies and techniques that are useful in this regard.Linking ecological theory to the building practice helps designers, architects and ecologists to make architecture nature-inclusive.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-821-4 | November 2023 | available | Piet Vollaard, Jacques Vink, Niels de Zwarte | design: Antenna Men | English | e-book (pdf) | 17 x 24 cm | 240 pages | illustrated (300 full color) | in conjunction with: Bureau Stadsnatuur Rotterdam | with support from: Creative Industries Fund NL


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