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  • Bridging Time
  • Bridging Time
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Bridging Time

The renovation of the KMSKA Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

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> The new KMSKA is an architectural masterpiece with an exciting symbiosis between the powerful new volume and the historical section
> This richly illustrated publication offers inspiration for every architect and museum enthusiast

Since 1890, the Royal Museum of FIne Arts in Antwerp has been home to a rich collection spanning over seven centuries of art history; from the Flemish Primitives to Expressionists. More recently, the Museum has been enriched by another treasure by the Dutch architectural firm KAAN Architecten. Their restoration work and new design combine a contemporary allure with the glorious but somewhat neglected beauty of the 19th-century landmark. Completely conceiled within the existing museum, the new extension underlines the strength of the original building and its role as heritage witin the rapidly changing city. These contrasting yet dialoguing spaces coexist as two different worlds in one building. The renovation and extension bring together the past, the present and the future in a layered ensemble of time, architecture, history and art.

This publication documents the result of an extensive renovation, richly illustrated with original drawings, archive material and unique images of the new KMSKA.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-743-9 | November 2022 | available | Inge Bertels, Melanie Buehler, Dikkie Scipio, Louis De Mey, Frederik Vandyck | design: Alice Colombo | English | hardcover | 22 x 31 cm | 176 pages | illustrated (150 full color) | in conjunction with: KAAN Architecten


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