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METRO 010 reprint & English edition

In November 2022, METRO 010 was launched. The book sold out in a heartbeat, but now the reprint and the English edition are finally there. Starting December 18, everyone who pre-ordered the book will receive this cheerful green package - just in time for Christmas!

METRO 010 tells the story of Rotterdam teenagers Franny and Joey, who are thrown back in time during a metro ride. The graphic novel takes the reader through various historical milestones: Franny and Joey protect the city against the floods of 1270, clear debris after the bombing during World War II, and participate in demonstrations at the Afrikaanderplein in the 1970s.

As the story unfolds, the teens realize that they had an impact on all these events, and thus, also on the future of Rotterdam. Readers are inspired to exert influence on the development of their own streets and neighborhoods, making the city better in terms of for example inclusion and sustainability. Because, as you get to know Rotterdam, you start to love it, and what you love, you take care of!