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Meet the yearbook editors

Currently, the new editorial team of the Architecture in the Netherlands yearbook has commenced preparations for the 2023/2024 edition. Over the past period, they've traversed the country to visit notable projects completed in the past year, curating a selection. The yearbook will be launched in May, accompanied by an extensive public program comprising a launch event, a series of podcast episodes, and an excursion.

New members

Two new editorial members join the team as Teun van den Ende, Uri Gilad, and Arna Ma?ki? conclude their tenure after shaping the Architecture in the Netherlands yearbook for the past two years. For Teun and Arna, this marks their third and final involvement. As we bid farewell to these two esteemed editors, we extend a warm welcome to Stephan Petermann and Annuska Pronkhorst.

Uri Gilad, co-founder and partner of Office Winhov, specializes in the adaptive reuse and expansion of monumental buildings, sustainable housing developments, and projects at the intersection of hospitality, culture, and commerce. His work meticulously integrates sustainable, social, and cultural elements relevant to architecture and urban planning, informed by a careful understanding of context and material application. Uri was nominated for the Abe Bonnema Prize for Young Architects in 2016 and received the ARC16 Oeuvre Award the same year for Office Winhov's contributions. Since 2021, Uri serves as an architect member of Committee 1 (city center) within the Spatial Quality Committee in Amsterdam.

Stephan Petermann, co-founder of MANN, a research and creative design consultancy, focuses on strategy, concept development, and content creation in real estate, food and agriculture, and technology sectors. Having been a longstanding collaborator of Rem Koolhaas since 2006, he supported him in research, strategy, editing, and exhibitions. From 2010 to 2019, Stephan served as an associate at OMA's think tank, AMO. He is also the author of the nai010 publication Back to the Office, editor-in-chief of VOLUME, and a guest professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Annuska Pronkhorst, an architectural historian and partner at Crimson Historians & Urbanists, contributes her expertise to various urban planning and architecture projects, merging historical research with project development. Additionally, she co-founded the multidisciplinary postgraduate program 'Independent School for the City' in Rotterdam. In 2018, she joined the Amsterdam Spatial Quality Committee/Committee 3, subsequently becoming the chair of the Monument Committee of the CRK in 2019. She also serves on the Supervisory Board of Kunst Institute Melly and the Program Board of Arcam.