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Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven wins ARC22 Interior Award

For over 35 years, nai010 has been publishing the book Architecture in the Netherlands: an overview of Dutch architecture for anyone interested in or professionally involved in the field. Each year, an editorial team presents a selection of outstanding projects from all over the Netherlands. Thematic essays and project texts describe the most important developments that made an impact on Dutch architecture in the past year.

Every year an extraordinary design that visualises the developments in Dutch architecture is chosen for the cover of this book. Last year, the work of Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven was presented on the cover of the yearbook. This design for the temporary housing of the Eerste Kamer in The Hague received the ARC22 Interior Award on Wednesday the 2nd of November. According to the jury, the design tries to 'create a dignified environment with simple means that, as the explicit wish of the user, responds to the Eerste Kamer as Chambre de Réflexion'. “A decorum that evokes memories of the Binnenhof and where rituals, conventions and symbolism give weight to the working methods, legislative tasks and manners in the parliamentary institution”, according to the jury.