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Third edition Typical Dutch

The holidays are just around the corner and we are celebrating with some great news: The third edition of Typical Dutch will be available again from 21 December in the nai010 webshop and in your local bookstore. The first and second editions sold out fast, but fortunately this third one arrives just in time for Christmas.

Over het boek
Typically Dutch systematically debunks the myth that the Netherlands is such a normal country.Cycle barriers that don't work, Buddha statues for every occasion, the world of camouflaged wheelie bins, the lone palm tree in the low-maintenance front garden – all these are dry-humoured reflections of a Netherlands familiar to every Dutch resident but never before gathered together in one place.

Jan Dirk van der Burg, Dutch Photographer Laureate since 2018 and well-known nationally from his contributions to two Dutch dailies, NRC and De Volkskrant, spent the past few years criss-crossing the country in search of shining examples of what makes the unexceptional Dutch residential landscape exceptional. In the Netherlands the desire to stand out from the crowd and the desire to belong are forever vying for attention. The resulting rich source for the photographer provides both the subject of this book and its most potent by-product: the reader will never look at the Netherlands the same way again. And that, of course, is a wonderful thing.