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Climate Adaptation Summit

Join us for an online global conference to accelerate, innovate and scale up the world’s efforts in adapting our societies and economies to the inevitable effects of climate change over the coming decade.

The Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 is a multi-stakeholder event, with participation by governments from all continents as well as business leaders, mayors, international organisations, academia, civil society, and youth representatives. CAS 2021 will consist of several complementary components over a 24 hour cycle starting Monday 25 January, to reach a global audience in spite of any ongoing COVID19 related travel and meeting limitations.

On January 25th, EcoShape launched the book Building with Nature internationally in a short film with examples of Nature-based solutions, explanations from our experts and a look into the future. This film is an official side event of the summit.

The short film will premiere on 25 January on the website of the summit (in the cinema) and below.


about the book

Building with Nature is a proven, innovative approach to create water-related Nature-based Solutions for societal challenges, that harnesses the forces of nature to benefit the environment, economy and society.

Currently, half the world’s population lives in deltas, and that is expected to rise to 70 percent by 2050. The delta inhabitants depend on the wide variety of natural resources and services that oceans, lakes, and rivers offer.

EcoShape, a unique collaboration between scientists, engineers, builders, designers and not-for-profits, has in the past decade designed, realized monitored and researched multiple Building with Nature projects in Europe (especially in the Netherlands) and South East Asia. These projects demonstrate the capacity to build Nature-Based Solutions at scale to create safe and sustainable flood protection as well as ecologically rich and resilient environments that provide great places to live, work, and visit. These characteristics make Building with Nature the go-to method to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

In this book, EcoShape brings the authors into dialogue with experts and stakeholders to discuss methodologies and lessons learned about Building with Nature as well as potential barriers and enablers for implementation. It describes and illustrates key concepts, linking them to a range of landscape types and their underlying ecological, economic, and social systems. As such, the book is more than a manual; it captures the imaginative and inspirational potential of Building with Nature.