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Spring catalogue 2023

We proudly present our latest catalogue, spring 2023! Including all our new and upcoming books on architecture, art and design. 

The paradox of the Dutch landscape is that the lion’s share of the gross national product is realized in the unsuitable geology of the alluvial part of the country that lies below sea level. The battle against water ‘with its eternal disasters’ shapes both the economic engine and the unifying narrative of the Netherlands. 

Dutch Landscape: An Overview presents the Dutch landscape primarily as a perpetual work in progress, as a huge water system, too, always in motion: pump or drown, drain or flood. This perspective is from the outside, just as the famous statement ‘the Netherlands was not created by God but by the Dutch’ was probably first proclaimed by a Scotsman.

The fundamental paradox of nature in the artificial Netherlands puts the Dutch landscape in a unique position. Nowhere else in the world are nature and landscape first and foremost a project, a design. As a result designers, in this case landscape designers, play an important role, and design, spatial design, plays an important role in society and in the setup of our national institutions, including this publishing house. Dutch Landscape was written for these designers, whether in training or not and especially from outside the Netherlands, and for anyone who wants to make sense of the remarkable, paradoxical power and splendour of the Dutch landscape. The book not only explains a lot about the Dutch landscape, about the Netherlands and its inhabitants, but also about their belief in the power of design and in the social engineering of our world. Many publications in this catalogue testify to this. Sometimes against our better judgment, but now more urgent than ever against the backdrop of the global climate crisis.

Eelco van Welie, director

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