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Catalog Fall 2022

We proudly present our latest catalogue, Fall 2022! Including all our new and upcoming books on architecture, art and design. 

The ubiquity of data in our current society and the virtual world in which this data is presented, processed and consumed, is rarely examined and assessed for its spatial implications. Yet the rosy, dreamlike representation of that space as a 'cloud' conceals a harsh truth: data is not a virtual phenomenon without 
a footprint. Data centres consume fantastic amounts of energy and do take up scarce physical space. Two independent publications in this fall catalogue are devoted to the spatial, architectural and material aspects of data: one from an academic and another from a socially critical perspective. With this catalogue, we are emphatically focusing on the physical, spatial and architectural aspects of some of the most important developments of our time. Another is the energy transition, and here too, with the publication The Power of Landscape, we look at the implications of this development for the physical world, and at the important opportunity for spatial design to make this transition not one of loss and resistance (loss of landscape and scenic qualities, and resistance to that loss), but one of sustainability and reinforcement of the emotional significance and qualities of landscapes.

But in contrast to these urgencies, there is also room for the uncontrollable sun-sparks in Zoro Feigl's kinetic installations and the wonder for the everyday in Klaas Gubbels' oeuvre. Art and design can contribute to solutions for our world, but are also sometimes just enough in themselves. And that is a good thing, too.

Eelco van Welie


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