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Book Launch Serious Fun & opening Playing Architecture

On the 9th of december, we celebrated the opening of exhibition Playing Architecture – the City in Play at Arcam. During the event the book Serious Fun, written by the curator Mélanie van den Hoorn, was officially launched. This book concludes a triptych about alternative forms of representation and communication in architecture and urban design. Previously published at nai010 were Spots in Shots on the short architecturefilm and Bricks and Balloons on architecture in comic-strip form. 

The book
Serious Fun is about architecture and urban design games that have been conceived and created by architects, urban designers, artists and game developers since the end of the twentieth century – from doll’s houses to construction games and city building games, from SimCity to Block by Block.k.

The exhibition
The exhibition Playing Architecture – the City in Play, explores the messages embedded in analog and digital games through the lens of architecture.

Generally, we know games to be entertaining and challenging, but in truth they can also carry restrictive or stigmatising messages. Playing Architecture is curated by Mélanie van der Hoorn, a cultural anthropologist, and designed by Dafne Wiegers (AHH), architect. The exhibition invites you to play, wonder and critically reflect on the nature and role of architecture games, with a wide array of Amsterdam-related examples.


Watch all the photos of the opening by Maarten Nauw