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30th birthday nai010

On Thursday February 29th, nai010 publishers celebrated its 30th anniversary. The beautiful attic of the Schielandshuis was filled with the 'nai010 family', consisting of numerous artists, designers, researchers, and linguistic and visual virtuosos. Together, we celebrated not just a milestone birthday but also our ever-expanding realm of imagination and creativity.

In an era where book publishing was sometimes viewed as a fading craft, we've spent the past three decades proving that the power of imagination knows no bounds. The nai010 publishers' collection now boasts over 2200 titles, each a testament to our mission of harnessing design and imagination to address contemporary challenges.

As we reflect on the journey so far, we're also excited about the road ahead. While we've made strides in sustainability and diversity, there's still much ground to cover. That's why nai010 remains a haven for creative minds, providing a space for ideas to flourish and evolve. Here's to the next thirty years of innovation and inspiration!

Looking for pictures of the event? Contact Cato de Beer (communications/pr/marketing) via